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Why did I start Ryan's Buying?

Because not every home seller fits into the traditional "call an agent" home sale model.

Because some sellers value peace of mind and a streamlined process.

I created this business because there needed to be a place to sell quality real estate without all of the difficulty and uncertainty. It is my business to close your deal fast and hassle-free.

The Ryan's Buying experience eliminates stress, hassle, and uncertainty during the home sales process.

You don't need to hire a realtor to sell your property - contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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General Questions

What type of properties does Ryan buy?

- Homes that are owner occupied or will be vacant at closing
- Homes set on a permanent foundation (no mobile homes)

How quickly can my sale close?

As quickly as 7 days or if your needs demand, as long as a year.

What if my home is listed?

If you have entered into a listing agreement prior to inquiring with us, we are required by law to submit our offer to your agent. Fees negotiated between you and your agent will be deducted from your proceeds at closing. Ryan’s Buying will receive the buyer’s agent commissions.

What will you do with my home after the sale?

We use several exit strategies depending on market conditions, location, and condition of the property. More often than not we develop a renovation plan and either list the home for sale on the open market or offer the property with special finance terms for those who are close but cannot quite qualify for a mortgage. Some properties will be held as investments or sold as turn-key rentals for local investors.

Do I need a realtor to sell my home?

No, Ryans Buying is a direct home buyer eliminating the need for a realtor. We'd be happy to sit down and go over your offer. If you'd like a third party to review your offer, an attorney may be more economical.

Do I have to have my home in tip-top shape?

You do not. Home repairs are EXPENSIVE, and in this day and age, many young buyers just don’t have the same grasp of DIY home maintenance. Today's buyer expects a “set it and forget it” low maintenance property with all the bells and whistles to boot. If you have deferred maintenance or outdated systems you can expect to pay for them one way or another. Let us handle it for you.

What if I owe too much?

We close low or no-equity deals regularly while keeping your best interests in mind. Keep your credit score and bank balance on an upward climb. Let’s talk about it.

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