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Ryan's Buying Investment Offering

Ryan’s Buying LLC, a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company is looking for qualifiedinvestors who are interested in making secured investments in the residential property market inWisconsin, without having to purchase properties, find properties, locate buyers, or market theproperties to the public.Ryan’s Buying LLC believes that through its investment experience and knowledge ofthe real estate market Ryan’s Buying LLC will be able to acquire quality residential properties inWisconsin for approximately ten to fifty percent (10-50%) below fair market value by selective marketing to prospective Sellers and other various methods.

Due to the volume of homes being acquired, Ryan’s Buying LLC wishes to team up withqualified potential investors who will advance funds for the purchase of single family homes.The monies in question would be loaned by prospective investors to Ryan’s Buying LLC, whowould use ALL of the funds received for the express purpose of acquiring an individual propertyand funding related rehabilitation efforts. There would be no hidden fees or charges for theacquisition. Ryan Janssen has a Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson’s License.

Sales may besubject to a broker’s commission, but this does not affect the relationship with the investor. Theentire balance loaned to Ryan’s Buying LLC would be secured by a Purchase Money Mortgagefrom Ryan’s Buying LLC to the investors. The term of the investment would vary from deal todeal in a range of 1 day to 180 months.The prospective investor will be provided with a copy of the assessment or a third-partyBroker’s Price Opinion, Offer to Purchase and /or payoff documents in certain cases, and asample Mortgage and Mortgage Note documents for their review and the review by their legalcounsel prior to closing.

The investor will sign a Commitment Letter and provide 1% earnestmoney upon acceptance of the deal, so as to confirm and legally commit to making the loan toRyan’s Buying LLC. No later than five (5) business days prior to the anticipated closing date, theInvestor shall deposit into a third party title insurance trust account, the agreed upon sum whichwill be equal to the amount of the Mortgage loan, less the earnest money deposit. In the unlikelyevent that the deal does not close, the monies would be returned by the title insurance companyto the Investor within ten (10) days of the anticipated closing date.Post-closing, the investor will receive a copy of the original recorded Mortgage, theoriginal Mortgage Note, a copy of the home-owners insurance policy naming the investor as anadditional named insured. Ryan’s Buying LLC will keep the home fully insured throughout theterm of the Mortgage.

All normal costs of closing will be paid at the time of closing by Ryan’s Buying LLC.Copies of the Closing Statement and RESPA, if applicable shall be provided to the investor atthe time of or prior to the closing. The investor shall, post-closing, receive a monthly Interestonly Mortgage payment of the interest rate agreed upon by the parties and as more particularlyset forth in the Mortgage Note. Those monthly payments shall continue until the property is soldand the investor’s Mortgage is paid in full.Since the Mortgage interest rate will be substantially higher than currentpassbook savings rates, the investor will receive a significant monthly income stream from thisinvestment throughout the term of the Mortgage.

The investor will be in the same position as acommercial lender, who makes a Purchase Money Mortgage to a homeowner with all theprotections, rights and benefits associated with being a first Mortgage holder.In the unlikely event that an investor would die prior to the Mortgage being paid infull, the Mortgage would become an asset of the investor’s estate. The relationship between theparties would remain unchanged, except that payments would be made to the investor’s estateuntil the Mortgage was paid in full.