Sellers find value in selling direct in a number of ways. The overwhelming majority of our clients report that they value the ability to plan their next purchase or life move with absolute certainty.

Others find value in one or more of the following scenarios:

Aversion to agents or the process.

Some folks just don't care for the traditional process, be it trusting the agent, strangers trampling through their home, offers that fall through and the like. None of these hassles apply when selling direct.


Up or down grading

Some sellers have found immense value in being able to shop for or build their new home at leisure. The traditional process will typically require you to sell first, then have to scramble and choose from whats available rather than what you want or need. This is no way to trade up or down.

Know Your Check Amount

There is no ambiguity in our process. You will know exactly what your check will read at closing without having to calculate for closing costs or commissions. Disclaimer

No Repairs or Updates Needed  

This is often the most frustrating part of selling a home. The dreaded inspection. Unfortunately there is no getting around it even when selling direct. No one wants to be told that their home has defects or is sub par in one way or another. We handle everything and do our best to negotiate fairly if defects are discovered.

Distressed or Stressful Properties

-Unwanted inheritance
-Unmanageable rental
-Too many repairs needed

Or any number of other stressful real estate situations that you just need to go away.
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