General Questions

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General Questions

Who is the borrower?

Ryan’s Buying LLC, a direct real estate buyer in southeastern Wisconsin. All notes are provided by Ryan’s Buying LLC as the borrower.

What are the terms?

Terms are different for every note and are often based on the intended use of the property. Please review the investment overview for more details.

Can I pull my money out before the mortgage matures?

Yes, we require a 30-day written notice which gives us time to re-fund the note. No interest will be earned during this period.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees associated with funding a mortgage only in an early withdrawal situation.

Where are the assets located?

We are currently working only in the southeastern WI market.

How do I fund my investment?

Investments are funded 10 business days prior to the property purchase closing and are done via wire transfer or bank check. Monthly interest payments are made by check in the US mail. Upon sale, your investment is returned via bank check by the title company in exchange for your satisfaction of mortgage.

Do I get a Mortgage?

Yes. Upon closing of the purchase, Ryan’s Buying LLC records a mortgage with the Register of Deeds. Your position will be first and only on title. This means we cannot sell the property without paying off your note. This step is important and is NEVER overlooked.

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