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Realize 5-10% returns with the peace of mind that comes with fully insured, asset backed lending

Cash Flow

Supplement monthly expenses by investing in mortgage notes that create true passive income.


Create true portfolio diversification by moving your investment dollars from Wall Street to Main Street


Investments are directly tied to a real asset giving you the peace mind that your money is protected.


Peer 2 Peer
Real Estate Investing

Peer to peer lending is a method of debt financing that gives the opportunity to make private loans and collect interest payments to individuals rather than large banks and financial institutions.

Ryan's Buying provides its investors access to the highly lucrative banking side of real estate.

Realize 5-10% returns with the peace of mind that comes with fully insured, asset-backed lending.

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One Lender - One Property

Your the only lender, lending on local real estate rather than investor #784 on some highrise in Maimi.

Benefits of Local Peer-to-Peer Lending

Why Consider Ryan's Buying?

Access to Higher Returns

Our deals generally provide higher returns to the investors relative to many other types of investments.

Risk Diversification

Our model allows you to easily diversify into Real Estate.

One Lender per Property

This ensures your position as senior lien holder and significantly reduces risk.

Monthly Cash Flow

Every month receive an interest check directly to your mailbox.


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed traditional stock markets

No Middle Men

By cutting out the middlemen you directly receive more upside in your investment.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Cash flow

How It Works

1. Ryans Buying identifies local properties that are ideal investment opportunities.

2. Based on your pledged amount, you are matched with the ideal property that allows you to be the sole investor on that property.

3.The property is funded and purchased at which time you begin receiving your pre-determined monthly interest checks.

4. The property is re-sold, renovated or both by the borrower. (see faq's for borrower information)

5. Your total investment amount is then returned to you or re-invested in a new property at your direction.

This is Not a crowd funding investment model

All investments carry risk. A good investment provides you position to recover losses and a great investment names you as the first person to be repaid.

You should not have to share your recovery options with anyone else let alone 1000 other people.

Our offerings are one lender, one property, ensuring you have all of the protections and recovery rights that the bank demands.


“I've been investing with Ryan's Buying for years and always receive the agreed upon returns.” 

mike winters, RYAN's buyinginvestor

"I just recieved my first monthly payment in the mail. Its borderline laughable how easy this is"

Pat Seamon, West Allis

"I received a payout from the sale of a business and had no where to put it. I know little about the stock market and real estate just seems easier to understand. Ryan's Buying a solid, predictable return"

Jim pack, Grafton

How to Produce Passive Income Through Real Estate.

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