If you’re planning on selling your home, you have three choices: you can hire a real estate agent, you can put the home up for sale by owner or you can call Ryan’s Buying for a cash offer. Many people go with the first option because they believe they have a much better chance of selling their home if they work with an agent. In many cases, that can be true—if you don’t have the knowledge or time to put into selling your home, you’re not likely to get top dollar for it. However, savvy sellers who can put a little work into selling their home can absolutely sell it for their list price or more. If you’re comfortable acting as your own agent, here are four of the benefits you can take advantage of by selling your home yourself. You can also go with option 3 and use Ryan’s Buying’s automated assessment on our website and receive cash for your home in 7 days.

You Have More Control

When you’re selling the house yourself, you get to decide everything from the list price to how you market the property. There’s no one to try to talk you out of your plans or tell you that you should do it differently. The downside, of course, is that you do have to do everything yourself and you don’t have access to the experience an agent has. If you’ve worked with a real estate professional in the past and didn’t find the process that rewarding, however, this could be the way to go. This is especially true if you have any experience or knowledge of the real estate industry.  To avoid having to wait for your home repairs, you can ask Ryan to stop by and give you a cash offer for your home.

You’re Only Selling One Property

Your property is also the only property you’re motivated to sell. An agent, on the other hand, could have a few dozen properties they’re actively marketing plus a few dozen buyers they’re working for. This means they’re not going to be devoting their full attention to you. You may not get your phone calls, emails, or texts returned right away. It’s possible, potential buyers may not be able to view your property when it’s convenient for them because your agent is showing other homes.

If you’re selling the property, though, you don’t have these other clients. Yes, you likely will still have some things you have to work around such as your job, family events, and other appointments, but you will be able to devote as much of your free time to selling your home as you want. You’re able to totally focus on selling this one property, not multiple properties like an agent often does.  Or you can call Ryan and ask him what he would offer you for your property and skip all of the above hassles.  Do you really want to work more on the weekends and miss your family’s events to sell your own house?

You Make More Money

By selling the house yourself, you don’t have to pay any commission fee to your real estate agent. In most cases, they receive about three percent of the total selling price. Since the seller is also responsible for paying the buyer’s agent’s commission, this essentially cuts the amount you have to pay to these professionals in half.

The other way of looking at this is that the buyer is paying both commissions and that the listing price reflects this. In a private sell, then, the buyer is still paying both commissions, but you get to keep the money that would have otherwise gone to your agent. Either way, you’re saving money! While it may not sound like much, three percent on a property that sells for $150,000 is $4,500. You can do a lot with that.  Selling your home without a realtor may backfire on you too, the longer your home is on MLS the lower the value of your home becomes.  You can avoid all the hassle of selling your own home by calling Ryan’s Buying.

You Know Your Home

If a potential buyer asks the seller a question about your home, they may not necessarily know the answer if it’s something fairly specific or minor. There are also certain regulations that prevent agents from answering some questions. You are not bound by these regulations, and you likely know everything about your home from living there for years. You can provide information about the neighborhood, the utilities, the nearby schools, and much more because you’ve lived there. Your agent may not even live in the same city!

Buyers are likely to find your information makes it much easier for them to decide if they want to buy your house or not. They will also go into the process with a little more information than normal. You can point out the repairs and updates you’ve made, tell potential buyers about the plans you had for the property that you haven’t accomplished yet, and even talk to them about the state the house was in when you moved in. All of this information can help build a relationship between you and the buyers, and that can result in an offer on your house.  This could also backfire on you, you may give the potential buyer too much information and cost you the sale of your house.  

While selling your home privately does put a lot more work on you, it also gives you much more control and allows you to truly get to know potential buyers. You also save money and are able to devote yourself to marketing your home in the way that you find most effective. If you’re comfortable taking on this task, a private home sale may be the right option for you.  For those homeowners that do not want to take the risk of selling their own home, give Ryan’s Buying a call or get a cash offer by using our automated valuation tool on our website.  In most cases, Ryan’s Buying becomes the better option for a homeowner that needs to sell their home fast and does not want to pay high commissions to a realtor.  Don’t call you agent, call your buyer!