There are a variety of reasons that someone might need to sell their home in a short amount of time. Relocation due to a job offer might be one reason that one must act fast on their home sale. In some unfortunate cases, people might leave quickly because of a tragedy or other negative experience. Other times, the upcoming addition of a new family member may require a home upgrade within the next 9 months.

While there are many ways to sell a home quickly, it becomes even more difficult if the house happens to be a fixer-upper. When a house is in poor shape and requires multiple repairs, getting a fair value for it becomes quite a challenge. This can put an individual or family in a stressful situation, as there will be fewer potential buyers and the offers that they receive will probably be below market value. When you need to sell a house fast, you are often forced to take less than you want. Fortunately, there are several viable options for selling your home quickly, even if you have plenty of repairs to make.

Perform Aesthetic Repairs

Looks may be superficial, and fixing them may not fix structural problems, but they can go a long way in making a good first impression. Cosmetic repairs are often the easiest and cheapest to perform, so you should be able to turn them around pretty quickly. If your house looks nicer once it hits the market - even if you are up front about the required maintenance - people will have a more favorable opinion of it and may be willing to spend a little more.

Consider performing a quality paint job throughout the house and fixing up any grungy corners or structures. Even a deep cleaning can do a lot to make your house look better than it previously did. Cosmetic repairs are generally pretty simple, but they can go a long way in helping you get rid of your house fast.

Find a Real Estate Agent

You may think that bringing a third party in will draw the process out even longer, but in the case of a Real Estate Agent, this isn’t true. Professional agents have the training and expertise required to sell a home for a fair value, even if it has to be done in a short period of time. They are aware of the market conditions and will be able to find the right potential buyers for your home. The downside to an agent is that they will take a commission on the sale - but if you need to sell quickly, it may just be worth the fee to take the stress off of yourself.

Remodel Your Home

If your home is in great disrepair and you have the extra cash lying around, a complete remodel of the home is an option. You can save yourself the headache of performing the label while benefiting from professional services that will overhaul your house entirely. This is bound to raise the value of your home on the market, but it is the priciest option out there. If you haven’t been able to keep up with repairs, it is likely that you don’t have the money for a complete remodel. However, some people who are interested in flipping homes may view this as the best alternative.

Sell Your Home for Cash

If you need to get rid of your home immediately, it can be detrimental to go through third parties or real estate agents. While they offer a convenient service, it adds time to the front end where you may need to act the fastest. One way to bypass all of these delays and fees is to sell your home to a cash buyer. One such service is Ryan’s Buying.

Companies like Ryan’s will buy your house as-is for cash, no matter what condition it is in. If you feel that it isn’t worth it to spend the money on repairs and take a gamble in the housing market, this is one of the best ways to go. You’ll be able to get a guaranteed price from Ryan’s with no obligation, so if you don’t like the rate, you don’t have to sell.

By selling your home to a cash buyer, you cut out all the middlemen – banks, realtors, agents, contractors, and other lending companies. It is the most straightforward and timely way to get rid of your home, even if the repairs are mounting up and very little is working inside. Cash buyers often aren’t concerned with the condition of the home – they will take care of the repairs and upgrades after they purchase the building.

Instead of waiting at least 30 days to close a sale after a deal is made, cash buyers can generally provide payment within a week, if not immediately. This means that you can move out as quickly as you want to and be on your way to your new home or destination. If you need to get out of your home and fast, consider Ryan’s Buying as a bidder for your home.