Inheriting a home can be a burden if you live in a different city, state, or simply don’t have the time to go through the entire sales process. This guide will direct you in expediting the sales process of a home you need to offload.

Decide if you want to prepare the house

You may get more money if you complete repairs or renovations, up the curb appeal, or sell furniture, but that will also take a lot more time that you just don’t have. Selling your home as-is—can be somewhat limiting to your pool of buyers but can help you get the house on the market and in someone else’s hands faster than if you take weeks or months for updates. A little deep cleaning can be all the preparation you actually need to do before you put the house up. A home that comes with furniture may be attractive to some buyers, and without recent renovations your property can remain competitively priced.

A great way to catch the eye of a prospective buyer is to have the right photos. Listing photos can be a determining factor as to whether someone wants to look further into purchasing a property or skips right over it for the next one. Even with all the furniture in the house, photograph it as a home and accent its best features. A professional photographer will know what looks best, and will provide you with plenty of photos. It is recommended you post 30-40 photos so buyers get a solid idea of the inside and outside of the property.

Price it competitively

Like we mentioned earlier, a competitive price is going to be one of the most attractive features you can leverage. If speed is your priority, loosening your grip on the purchase price can be a great asset. For many buyers, an affordable house that needs a few changes is much more attractive than an overpriced house in a modern style they may or may not like.

Market . . . a lot

Online, in print, in the front yard; everywhere you can, market. Heavy marketing is one of the easiest ways to increase your chances of selling a home. A real estate agent can also be a huge help in this step, as they know where your property will be seen by the most eyes, and come across the screen (or pop out of the paper) to someone who is interested in purchasing.

Another great avenue is word-of-mouth marketing by none other than the neighbors. Neighbors can be a great tool to spread the word because they love the neighborhood and can have connections with people they’d want to bring in. Just posting on social media and having neighbors share the information can really broaden the reach of your online marketing.

Open up your schedule

Make sure your home is as convenient an option as possible for a potential buyer. Homes that can be shown with little or no notice will be more attractive to buyers than those that have a pesky waiting period.

Sell it to a real estate investor

Your best option might not even be a house-hunting family; it could be someone looking to invest in a property and turn it around for someone else. A real estate investor is also a great option for a fast close because they can bypass loans and pay with cash. By finding someone who can purchase as-is and close quick, you kill two birds with one stone.

Inheritances can sometimes be blessings, and other times a burden you don’t have the resources for. Taking a few minor but necessary steps can help ensure that you get a probate house—and all its associated costs—off your hands in no time. Contact Ryan’s Buying and get a quote for your home sale within 48 hours.